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Steam PixARK Patch 1.90 St. Patrick's Day Update



Greeting Explorers!


We are excited to bring you our brand new St. Patrick’s Day patch! We hope you’ll have lots of fun!


The patch is scheduled to go live tonight, Mar 13th, at 12:00, am Pacific Time.


Servers will be down for a few hours to implement the following changes:



New Boss: Aurora Butterfly King


A gigantic creature in the shape of a butterfly with aurora glowing from its wings. It will enter an “Aurora” phase in battle where its body will turn almost invisible. Explorers, look out for a fascinating beam of butterfly-shaped Aurora!



• Normal attack: Uses its mouth to bite down enemies.

• Aurora beam: Releases a beam of aurora from its mouth. The attack power is increased if it is in invisible mode.

• Butterfly Powder: The powder from its wings will deal poison damage over time to its enemies nearby, also lowering their attack powers. While in its shining mode, Butterfly powder will lower the attack and defense of its enemies nearby. 

(powder can be eliminated by the breath of fire from fire wyverns)

• String shot: Deals a small amount of damage while immobilizing enemies for a long period of time.

(Wyverns cannot be immobilized)

• Butterfly Dance: Deals damage to enemies nearby and confuses them. Enemies will be unable to coordinate their movements for a short period of time.

(Wyverns cannot be confused)

• Mirage: Creates a mirage of itself. Mirage will have  70% of its attack and 20% of its HP.

(Lightning/poison wyvern will deal triple damage to mirages)

• Aurora Mode: Turns itself, as well as its Mirages, to nearly invisible beams of aurora. Their attack damages will be lowered, but their defense will raise. Some skills are changed in Aurora mode as noted.



• Players will need to summon the “Ancient Gate” to teleport and challenge the Aurora butterfly king.  

• Players will need to collect 7 types of magic stone (Dark/Water/Wind/Thunder/Fire/Light/Earth) and summon the “Ancient Gate” through the inscription book.

• Different sizes of the “Ancient Gate” can be summoned at different rates, which determines the amount of players/creatures that can go into the challenge.

• Upon summoning,  “Ancient Gate” will be in inactivated mode. Players will need to obtain Energy Stone, which is craftable in the Alchemy Stove, to be placed on the Ancient Gate to activate the portal. If you wish to challenge the Aurora Butterfly King again, you will have to place another energy stone to activate the portal again.

• Upon activation, holding “E” button will allow you to choose which boss you would like to challenge. You can only challenge one boss per activation

• The cooldown for the boss fight will be 24 hours.




250 Tek energy cubes and one or two of the following items:


- Ancient Gargoyle Skin (30% drop rate)

- Magic Broom (permanent)  (30% drop rate)



New Creatures:


- Cobalt Beetle: Spawns at Glittering Ridge


- Cobalt Firespider: Spawns at Twilight Forest


- Cobalt Mantis: Spawns at Twilight Forest




New Items:


•  New greenhouse items:

                - Unlocked at lv35 under the “Industrial Skill” tab.

                - Greenhouse can raise plant growth rate by 300%

                - Effective only for plants that can be planted in pots.


Note: There cannot be structures above the greenhouse blocking the sunlight, otherwise the boosting effect will disappear.


•  New St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center

- Can be obtained by defeating Goblins or Goblin Kings.

- Can also be obtained through Holiday supply drops.

- Used to exchange for St. Patrick’s Day event items.


•  St. Patrick’s Day Costumes:

     - Hat: Can be obtained through St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center using 4-leaf clover.

    - Top: Can be obtained through St. Patrick’s Day Wishing tree and red handkerchief event at a certain rate

      -Leg, Boot, Gloves: Can be obtained through St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center using



St. Patrick’s Day Wishing Tree

 -Can be obtained through St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center.

 -Red Handkerchief can be obtained through St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center.

- Upon tying Red Handkerchief to the tree, the following rewards can be obtained:

               • St. Patrick’s Day Top

               • 4-leaf Clover

               • Cobalt Organic Matter

               • DarkGreen Creature Coloring

               • Green Dye

              • Dark Green Dye


Shamrocks and 4-leaf clovers:

     - Shamrock seeds can be obtained by harvesting regular grass using Parasaur

     - Planting the seed will either allow you to harvest Shamrocks or 4-leaf clovers

     - Using greenhouse allows Shamrock seeds to grow much faster.

              - Can be used at St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center to exchange event items.



Additional Changes:


 • Supply Drops shaped as a pot of gold

 • Obtainable items:

     -  St. Patrick’s Day goblin trading center

     -  Red handkerchief



• Water will be turning green during the event!


Run into bugs? Help us squash them by reporting any bugs or issues here: http://bit.ly/2YMJQ3x


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