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Steam PixARK Patch 1.86 Lunar New Year Update


Happy Lunar New Year, Explorers!

Lunar New Year Festivities enter the PixARK world! Our Lunar New Year patch is scheduled to go live at 12:00 am PDT on January 15th. Official Servers will be offline for a few hours.


New Creatures

  • • Cobaltstar Hunter (mutated) - added Cobaltstar Hunter mutant to the Radiation Mutation Platform
  • • Cobalt Energy Master (mutated) - added Cobalt Energy Master mutant to the Radiation Mutation Platform
  • • Cobaltstar Mouse - LMB to launch melee attack, and RMB to launch the laser. mountable on land, in the air and under the water. Cobaltstar Mouse requires a Cobaltstar Mouse Control Module to ride.


Boss - Flame Demon

  • Spawn rate is 50% at the Death Lord Altar in PixARK map, and 50% at the Burial Ground Altar in Skyward map.
  • • Flame Demon drop: 5% drop rate to obtain Gargoyle Skin.


New Engrams and Items

Cobaltstar Mouse Control Module Engram - craftable at your character inventory

Year of the Rat Costume- Year of the Rat Shirt, Year of the Rat Hat, Year of the Rat Pants, Year of the Rat Boots, Year of the Rat Gloves.

  • Dropped by Nian Beast spawns in Noviceland, Grassland, Dawn Island and Woodland.


Lunar New Year Event


Lunar New Year Supply Beacon

  • Supply Beacon will change its shape to a Chinese Lucky Bag, containing our Lunar New Year gift for explorers.
  • • Rewards: Spring Festival dishes (restores Food and HP), and Spring Festival Fireworks.


Lunar New Year Reunion Party

  • Place Lunar New Year dishes (drop from the Lunar New Year Lucky Bag) to enjoy the Lunar New Year buff and our best wishes.


God of Wealth Hat

  • Some creatures will be wearing Chinese God of Wealth Hat, and players could be rewarded with Chinese God of Wealth Hat (Dino) from killing these creatures.
  • • Rewards: Chinese God of Wealth Hat (Dino)


Nian Beast Kill

  • Nian Beast will spawn in Novice Grassland, Grassland, Dawn Island and Woodland.They can only be killed by the Firecrackers players crafted.
  • • Nian Beast drop: Lunar New Year dishes; Spring Festival decors, and blueprints for Spring Festival decors; Year of the Rat costume.


Double Harvest Rate

Double Harvest rate will be active for the duration of the Lunar New Year event! :)



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