PixARK Xbox & PS4 1.05 Update




Greetings, Explorers!


The next PixARK updates for PS4 and Xbox are scheduled to go live at 1:00 am PDT on August 21. Please keep an eye out for the in-game notice regarding PS4 and Xbox official server maintenance. 


PS4 and Xbox Split Screen

Split screen is now available for local co-op in PixARK HOST\LOCAL - SINGLE PLAYER.


Automation System

The new Automation system brings a new game mechanic, streamlining the process of resource gathering, transportation, processing, and production.. The Automation system consists of Transportation, Remote Transportation, Automatic Control and Automatic Bench/Facilities. 



  • Automatic Arm: Requires power to work. It transports items between two facilities/containers. The Automatic Arm is craftable at level 55 in PVE, and level 80 in PVP.


  • Automatic Filter Arm: When powered, it transports designated items between two facilities/containers. Place the designated item in Automatic Filter Arm’s inventory to achieve filtered transportation. The Automatic Filter Arm is craftable at level 70 in PVE, and level 80 in PVP.


  • Automatic Fuel Arm: When powered, it transports fuel into the fuel slot inside benches and facilities. If said bench/facility does not require fuel, or if the container connected to the Automatic Fuel Arm is not fueled, then the Automatic Fuel Arm will not operate. Available containers/facilities for transportation include benches with a fuel slot, and Automatic Storage Boxes. Other storage boxes are not available as options for the Automatic Fuel Arm to interact with. The Automatic Fuel Arm is craftable at level 55 in PVE, and level 80 in PVP.


  • Automatic Conveyor Arm: When powered, it transports items between two distanced non-adjoining facilities/containers. The Automatic Conveyor Arm is craftable at level 55 in PVE, and level 80 in PVP.


Remote Transportation

  • Automatic Sender: When powered, it routinely remote transports items inside its inventory to its matching receiver terminal. The Automatic Sender is craftable at level 80.


  • Automatic Receiver: Requires power to work. Select the desired sender terminal from the list of available terminals and click “join” to pair them. Click “remove” to unpair. Receivers can pair with Senders within a range of 1,000 meters. One receiver can pair with up to 4 senders at the same time. The Automatic Receiver is craftable at level 80.



Automatic Control


  • Central Control Unit: When powered, it controls all benches and facilities connected to the same power grid, allowing players to remotely turn on or off the bench, execute the crafting queue, and check remaining resources real=time. The Central Control Unit is craftable at level 80.



Automatic Benches/Facilities 

  • Automatic Miner: Requires Highly Efficient Gasoline to work. It automatically refines nearby ores, producing 3,000 units of resource from 1 unit of ore. The Automatic Miner is craftable at level 70 in PVE, and level 80 in PVP. 

  • Automatic Smithy: Requires power to work. It can be remotely controlled by the Central Control Unit. The Automatic Smithy is craftable at level 80. 

  • Automatic Industrial Forge: Requires power to work. It can be remotely controlled by the Central Control Unit. The Automatic Industrial Forge is craftable at level 80.

  • Automatic Industrial Cooking Pot: Requires power to work. It can be remotely controlled by the Central Control Unit. The Automatic Industrial Cooking Pot is craftable at level 80. 

  • Automatic Fabricator: Requires power to work. It can be remotely controlled by the Central Control Unit. The Automatic Fabricator can is craftable at level 80.

  • Automatic Chem Bench: Requires power to work. It can be remotely controlled by the Central Control Unit. The Automatic Chem Bench is craftable at level 80.

  • Automatic Electrolytic Tank: Requires power to work. It can be remotely controlled by the Central Control Unit. The Automatic Electrolytic Tank is craftable at level 80. 

  • Automatic Storage Box: The only available storage box that the Automatic Arms can interact with. The Automatic Storage Box is craftable at level 55 in PVE, and level 80 in PVP.





Breeding is now available, so that you can raise more desirable creatures!



  • • Before breeding, it is recommended to check the in-game Bestiary to confirm if breeding is available for the desired species. You will need to tame two breedable species of the opposite sex. . 

  • • Once the couple is set to patrolling mode, they will automatically start mating, as indicated by three hearts. A mating progression bar is visible on the female. Once the bar is full, mating is complete.

  • • Distance restriction is applied to mating. If the couple is too far away from each other, mating will stop, and it will start from scratch once they are close in proximity again. To keep the couple within mating distance, it is suggested to press U to call them together, or  to build a small space to enclose them.


Gestation and Incubation

  • • Breeding can be done by gestation or incubation in PixARK. 

  • • Gestation: When the mating ends, gestatable females will become pregnant.. The pregnancy progression bar will display when the player is nearby. When the progression bar is filled, gestation is complete and a new-born comes into the world of PixARK.

  • • Incubation: A fertilized egg will be produced once the incubation couple finish their mating stage. The egg will need to be carefully preserved under suitable temperature in order for it to begin hatching. The hatching progression bar will display when the player is close to the egg. As the progression bar is filled, a new-born will hatch from the egg. Be wary of the surrounding temperature, because hyperthermia or hypothermia can both stall the hatching, and drain the egg’s HP.


Raising New-borns

  • • New-born babies will need to be claimed immediately after they are born. Otherwise, they will be running around and you risk losing them. Once claimed, the baby’s growth is indicated by their growth progression bar. The baby will grow in size as the progression bar fills.

  • • New-born babies are very vulnerable, so be sure to take good care of them once you claim them. Babies consume food faster, and can not be fed from feeding trough. Players will need to keep an eye out and constantly replenish their inventory with feed before it runs out. Once the baby’s growth progression reaches 5%, players can start feeding it from the feeding trough.

  • • As the babies grow, Imprinting Tasks will become available. Completing these tasks will increase the baby’s imprinting value, which in turn increases the baby’s stats when it grows up.

  • • Closely tied to their beloved caregivers, bred adults with 100% imprinting will enjoy extra stats increases when mounted by the player who took good care of them. 

  • • Stats of Offspring
    ~Firstly, the offspring will inherit the parents’ stats. Each stat/attribute will randomly be assigned from one of the parents.
    ~Secondly, there is a possibility for the offspring to mutate and enjoy additional values on top of the inherited stats. The mutation chance is determined by how many levels the parents have gained since being tamed/born.. 


Notes to Breeding

  • • Creatures can become sterile and lose the ability to mate. 

  • • Females can not mate again until a mating cooldown interval has passed. Males have no mating cooldown. 

  • • Pregnant female creature cannot be turned into a PixBlock. 

  • • Always be prepared for a surprise. There is a chance you may have twins or triplets, so be sure to have a plentiful supply of feed.

  • • Claimed babies are tied only to the claimer. Members from the same tribe as can help feed the babies, but are unable to assist with Imprinting Tasks.

  • • Pre-adult creatures are very fragile. They are unable to fight and cannot be turned into PixBlocks.




New Subspecies


Puffer (Deep Ocean)

Poor disadvantaged Puffers have always been prey, constantly falling to the fate of being hunted down, despite being armed with spiky fins. However, the Deep Ocean Puffer subspecies that feed on poisonous food have managed to escape this doom! Their diet makes them far more toxic than their regular counterparts, naturally intimidating and deterring would-be predators. Explorers have discovered that this tamed Puffer subspecies has the ability to turn Carrion into a special sleeping potion!



Angler (Deep Ocean)

Living within the deepest depths of the ocean, the Angler uses its light gland to allure smaller fish, biding its time in an attempt to grasp their prey off-guard. As swift as Angler may be, smaller fish, usually vigilant about their surroundings, are not always an easy catch. This chase-and-flee dynamic between predator and prey has helped some smarter Anglers to evolve the ability to emit the energy conserved inside their light gland as static electricity, allowing them to paralyze their prey for a short period of time. 



Megalodon (Deep Ocean)

Megalodon are the notorious top predator in the deep ocean, hunting down every creature they can land their sharp teeth on. Always ready to fight, Megalodon will continue to challenge any creature that dare cross its path, despite any accumulated injuries. Some extremely ferocious Megalodon have mutated and mastered the ability to go into a fury state, allowing its attacks to get stronger the more damage it has taken.




New Items and Engrams


  • •  Added Highly Efficient Gasoline, craftable at level 70 in PVE and level 80 in PVP.

  • •  Motorboat - fueled with Gasoline, Motorboats can travel on water at fast speeds. Its steel-made platform is sturdy and allows structures to be placed atop. Motorboats can be unlocked at level 70.


Balancing and Changes


  • • Added breeding information in Handbook to indicate whether a species breeds by gestation or incubation.

  • • Added mutation information inside the creature’s inventory screen. Hovering over the text will show how many times the parents have mutated. 

  • • Added exchange max limit of 60 times per day per character for Sharp Crystal in Goblin Trading Center.

  • • Enabled scrolling to view cut-off texts in Encyclopedia screen.

  • • Changed the visuals of the action wheel players interact with.

  • • Turkey can no longer be pushed away by attacks inflicted upon them. 

  • • Lowered the base HP and the kill EXP for Turkeys.

  • • Re-classified Bamboo as a subcategory of Wood.

  • • Cake is now craftable in the Industrial Cauldron and the Cooking Pot.

  • • Crafting queues inside Tames will no longer be suspended after server restart. 

  • • Optimized how the Tips screen is displayed. 

  • • Added Tame Max Amount in the Tame Management screen.

  • • Increased the drop rate for Megalodon Skin from Megalodon kills

  • • Tfrain Station and Tracks are no longer able to be placed on a Platform Saddle.

  • • Removed the ability to place structures when the player character is in Orbit Camera mode 

  • • Added some inventory management controls

~ Press Y(Xbox)/Triangle(PS4) button to split stacks in half

~ Press X(Xbox)/Square(PS4) button to split 1 item from the stack

~ Press Right Trigger to Equip/Unequip Items

~ Press Right Trigger to Use/Craft one Item (Hold for repeated use)

~ Press X(Xbox)/Square(PS4) button on items with ammo to remove the ammo

~ Press Left trigger to drop items

~ Press X(Xbox)/Square(PS4) button to craft 5 of an item

~ Press Y(Xbox)/Triangle(PS4) button to craft all of an item




  • • Fixed an issue under certain circumstances caused server crashes.

  • • Fixed an issue where the Alchemy Stove was able to load items from the Vault.

  • • Fixed an issue where Light Gun ammo could be dragged to be equipped with Bow.

  • • Fixed an issue where the information panel for the Football and Raft was oversized.

  • • Fixed an issue where the first Imprint Task assigned to a baby tame did not grant the correct stats upon completion. 

  • • Fixed an issue where a baby tame would not consume the correct feed.

  • • Fixed an issue where the Quetzal and Paracer subspecies were not able to re-equip a dropped Platform Saddle from loot. 

  • • Fixed an issue where s dropped Platform Saddle from loot would disappear. 

  • • Fixed an issue where player could not switch Roof Corner piece to their variants.

  • • Fixed an issue where pliers could not repair items in inventory

  • • Fixed an issue with the usage of portal with rafts.

  • • Fixed some interface clipping issues.




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