PixARK Xbox & PS4 1.0.2 Update



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The next PixARK updates for PS4 and Xbox are scheduled to go live at 1:00 am PDT on June 25. Please keep an eye out for the in-game notice regarding PS4, Xbox and Switch official server maintenance.


Note: Switch patch is currently being reviewed by Nintendo. We will publish the patch as soon as it clears Nintendo’s requirement. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


New Subspecies


Hippocampus (Deep Ocean subspecies)

Characterized as a fish to a large extent, Hippocampus mostly live beneath the water. Oddly enough, some have evolved into a variant subspecies, having adapted equine characteristics. This Hippocampus subspecies can both swim in water and sprint on land. When on land, Hippocampus can shoot out amazingly destructive water bullets, easily smashing sand blocks and dirt blocks!



Ogre (Dooms Land subspecies)

Ogres, although extremely powerful by nature, have an underdeveloped intelligence, so it is not very easy for them to survive in the competitive Dooms Land. Survival of the fittest has driven some Ogre subspecies to develop their intelligence, evolving into tameable warriors that fight alongside explorers! Like other flyer dinos, they have the ability to grapple explorers and smaller dinos as well.



Changes & Balancing


  • Added Wild West and Mediterraean Structure styles to Creator Mode.

  • Added Blue Dino Dye and Purple Dino Dye.

  • Added Music Pedal in Creator Mode. When your character steps on the Pedal, it plays a preset musical scale. Three types of Musical Pedals are available, containing a total of 21 musical scales across high, mid and low.

  • Added Football in Creator Mode. The football will move when collided by player characters and creatures, or when hit by bullets from a distance.

  • Added Radio - Radio can be used to enable tribe chat in proximity mode.

  • Balanced the exchange rate at the Goblin Trading Center.

  • Balanced the drop rates of some items from dino kills.




  • Fixed an issue where characters’ stats were incorrectly doubled after relogging.

  • Fixed an issue where tamed dinos’ stats were reset after relogging.

  • Fixed an issue where terrain disappeared after rejoining player-hosted sessions.

  • Fixed an issue where the navigation cursor was locked in the Inventory screen after crafting items.

  • Fixed an issue where the radial selector did not have options available for Stairs, Fences, and Ladders.

  • Fixed an issue with the recommended server listing.

  • Fixed an issue where characters were being attacked by invisible Hippocampus

  • Stability fixes.

  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes.



  • Added Polish, Swedish and Turkish language.



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