Explorer's Guide: Swamp



Hello Explorers, and welcome to the Swamp!


This hot jungle biome will be one of the first you enter after leaving the relative safety of the Grasslands. You will need to conquer the oppressive heat and dangerous Dinos that inhabit the Swamp to prove you can handle the rest of the wide PixARK world.



While the beginner zones have enough resources to get an Explorer started, no zone is as thick with trees and vegetation as the Swamp. You will find unique creatures here like the Carbonemys, Meganeura, and Raptor. Some say that even the plant-life will strike…



There is one last thing to look out for while traversing the Swamp. Deadly fumes rise up from under the ground, and will sometimes reach dangerous concentrations. Bring a gas mask or avoid the area, unless you want to find yourself falling asleep in the middle of a dangerous jungle.


PixARK is coming soon, and we want you to be prepared! Keep a sharp and weathered eye out for more guides coming your way.


-The PixARK team

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