Explorer's Guide: Magic Forest



Hello Explorers, and welcome to the Magic Forest!


This brand new zone brings a magical touch to the ARK, and is both dangerous and lucrative for Explorers who dare venture in.



The Magic Forest is not a place for beginner Explorers. Once you are strong enough to face the dangers here, you will need to contend with Shadow Leopards and Gem Spiders. Both of these creatures are deadly for the unwary, so be prepared.


The prize for exploring the Magic Forest? Magic, of course! From the trees, to the creatures, to the very ground itself; everything in this fantastical biome is infused with magic. You will need these materials when delving into the mystic arts. Will you be able to unlock the mysteries of magic in PixARK?


Keep an eye out for more guides in the coming weeks to help you prepare for your first steps into PixARK.


-The PixARK team.

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